Change in Leadership

I started the Portland WordPress user group to provide a monthly forum for WordPress users in Portland, and the response has been amazing. Even though we’re only a couple months into existence, a lot of people have come together around WordPress.

Recently I’ve found my time and energies spread thin amongst various projects. In order to focus on a smaller set of projects (and let the remaining projects thrive with the attention they deserve), I’m stepping back from a few things. I’m pleased to announce that Kelly Guimont is assuming the leadership role for our group. Kelly assisted with WordCamp Portland and I look forward to seeing her develop pdxwp further. I’ve turned over information on all pending pdxwp issues to Kelly, please contact her with any questions.

I’ll continue to lead the organization of WordCamp Portland (and should have some announcements about that event within a few weeks).

I look forward to remaining involved with pdxwp while I focus more of my time on other efforts.

–Aaron B. Hockley

Using WordPress MU for Communities on February 12th

Our February 12th meeting will feature Justin Kistner presenting Using WordPress MU for Communities. Justin writes:

After years of managing stand alone blog installs, I’ve graduated to managing multiple blogs from a single install of WPMu. WPMu is the multi-user form of WordPress and it’s great for managing a community. Beer and Blog is powered by WPMu and during this presentation I’ll show you what I’ve learned from using it, such as:
• What is the difference between WP and WPMu?
• Cool features only available from WPMu
• Drawback to WPMu
• How to set it up
• Admin challenges

In addition to Justin’s presentation, we’ll have a “Genius Bar” area for folks needing help with their WordPress blogs. Chris O’Rourke indicates he’s making progress on our website; I’m hoping we can see his new design this month.

Our February meeting is on Thursday, February 12th from 6:00-7:30 at CubeSpace. RSVP on Upcoming.