Recap: Expert Q&A

Here are some of the major questions raised and answered at our July User meeting. Many more questions were raised as well.
Q: I have a youtube video that I am trying to put up on my home page but cannot get it to play. I have successfully done this in the past and have video sidebar plug-ins, but am still striking out.   Kathleen
Q: Is there a way to disable Comments from all New Pages as a default setting?
A: Yes, in WordPress click on: Settings> Discussion> Default Article Settings. Un-check the box for, “Allow people to Post comments on new articles.”
Q: Why are some styling buried in core files?
A: For WordPress themes all of the styling is contained in the style.css theme file. There is nothing in the WordPress core that will effect styling, except when you login to WordPress.
Q: Can email be collected directly into my site and then resent with a newsletter?
A: Yes, with a plugin like Newsletter you can capture email names, and send out email newsletters. You can also use plugins for popular newsletter tools like: MailChimp, Emma, Constant Contact, eRoi, etc.
Q: I have issues with fb and twitter on my client site.
A: You can Copy/Paste code from Facebook for badges: Profile, Like, Photo, Page. There are also dozens of plugins for Facebook. Twitter recently stopped support for old integrations, so you need to find a WordPress plugin that supports their new format. This Twitter plugin works well.
Q: A client site isn’t showing it’s comments or the comment box even though all settings are correct. What might be the problem?
A: That sounds like an issue with the Theme. Try switching themes to see if comments come back to life. Or, it could be a conflict with jQuery or Javascript caused by a plugin.
Q: My burning question is, I have a publisher WordPress site, I need to be able to have each of my authors have their own blog. How can I have more than one blog on one WordPress site?
A: In WordPress you will add a New User, then for each user there will be a page with just their blogs like:,,
Q: Can you say anything about the difference between and the other wordpress?
Q: For a free WordPress site use the site, which will allow an address like Later on you can buy your own domain name and then continue to use the to login and make updates. For a self-hosted site like you can download and install WordPress from the web site. From a branding viewpoint it is more impressive to clients when you use because that conveys that you are serious about your business.
Q: Regarding inserting images into a post – I understand loading images onto “Insert Images” however I am logging a lot of images.
A: For photo-heavy web sites we recommend using photo gallery plugins like NextGen.
Q: How can my slideshow also play music?
A: There are many plugins for slideshow with music, oQey Qallery is one of them.
Q: What is RSS?
A: RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it’s a way to share content from one web site on another. For example a WordPress site will automatically create an RSS feed at the address . You can use WordPress plugins to read an RSS feed from another web site and then display that content on your web site. Craigslist is also a popular web site that will create an RSS feed based on your searches, so you can look for something like “MacBook Pro 17” once and then add that RSS feed to your reader that will then alert you the very moment that a new “MacBook Pro 17” appears, saving you the time of having to visit Craigslist 10 times per day search for the same thing over and over again.