User: Design and Development of an E-commerce Website

In this WordPress MeetUp we will explore developing an e-commerce website using the popular and free Woo Commerce plugin. Shipping options, bulk discount and the various Woo Commerce Product settings will be covered along with incorporating the Shopping Cart pages into your website. As with her previous popular presentation, "Safeguarding Your WordPress Clients," Mary Ann … Continue reading User: Design and Development of an E-commerce Website

Developer: “Fluffy Bunny”, the story of refactoring Digital Trends

Slides from the October 27th, 2014 presentation. Join the developers of (Richard Benjamin and Brandon Clark) as we share the trials and tribulations of refactoring one of the web's largest WordPress sites. Back in January we started a secret internal project humorously dubbed "Fluffy Bunny". The goal was to overhaul and transform it into something modern that … Continue reading Developer: “Fluffy Bunny”, the story of refactoring Digital Trends

Check out Brandon’s slides from Monday night.

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On Monday night at the Portland WordPress Dev Meetup I did a talk on how we scaled WordPress for Digital Trends. Click here if you’re interested in the feedback on the talk from the attendees. It ran a little longer than I intended but there was plenty of material to cover and it seemed to be well received. I promised to make the slides available after the talk so click on the link below to download the zip file.

In typical developer fashion, rather than using a presentation software solution I coded them in html using a nifty javascript library called “impress.js”. For those of you who are interested you can find their github page here. That being said the slides rely heavily on CSS3 transitions so you will need a very modern browser to view them – I recommend Google Chrome.

Download “Scaling Digital Trends” slides

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