Are you interested in speaking at our downtown Meetup?

What you need to know:

  • Commitment. You must come to at least one of our Meetup events and talk to us (Doug Yuen and Mary Ann Aschenbrenner) about your presentation. You’ll get a sense of the event format and audience, and more members will attend if they’ve met you before. We want speakers from our community, and we expect to see you at multiple events. We’re not interested in speakers who deliver a talk and never come back, and we want to reduce the risk of no-shows.
  • No sales pitches. You are encouraged to give a brief bio, which can include explaining what you do or what your company does, but this is not a vehicle to sell your services or products.
  • Topic. Most of our regular attendees are non-developers. That being said, we are not opposed to occasional development topics. You can look at past meetups for ideas. Some topics are “evergreen” like security and SEO, and should come back up once in a while.

Scheduling your talk:

  • Our schedule. Typically, we meet on the first Monday of the month. If that’s a holiday or we have a scheduling conflict, we’ll try for the second Monday. Occasionally, we may do two downtown meetups in a month. When you talk to us about your presentation, we’ll let you know what the next available spot is.
  • Reserving the room. We can’t reserve the room more than 30 days in advance, and we always confirm the reservation before we post the event on Meetup.

Announcing your talk:

  • Meetup event post. You can look at past meetups for ideas and format. We’ll need the following information to post your event:
    • Title
    • Short description
    • Photo (optional, 1200x675px or it will be cropped/stretched to that size)
    • Brief bio (optional)
  • Meetup event questions. Please make sure you’re subscribed to event comments in the Meetup group, in case there are questions beforehand.

In-Person meetups:

  • Projector details:
    • Display resolution. Our projector’s display resolution is widescreen, 1920x1080px. You may want to check your presentation with these dimensions.
    • Compatibility. Our projector has HDMI and VGA outputs, and we have cables for both. We also have adapters for HDMI to USB-C, VGA to USB-C, and VGA to Mini DisplayPort (aka Thunderbolt 1 & 2). If you can’t connect your computer to one of those, let us know ahead of time and we will figure out a workaround.
  • Meetup day:
    • Arrival time. Please try to arrive between 5:30-5:45pm, so we can set you up with the projector and confirm it’s working. One of us will typically be there by 5:30pm.
    • Sharing slides. If applicable, please make your slides available for reference by posting a link to them in the event comments.

Online (Zoom) meetups:

For more details, please see this page.