User: A Business-focused WordPress. Launching on the Rainmaker Platform

Aaron Hockley presented tonight and you can view his slides here.

WordPress is open, and a web-based business has thousands of options for tools to help get the job done.  When it comes to blog posts, podcasts, forums, membership sites, SEO, e-commerce, and the other building blocks of a web business, there are endless options.  One new option is Rainmaker, fromCopyblogger Media, that packages a high-quality set of these tools in a premium offering for businesses, without the ability to add new plugins.  Learn how was recently launched using that platform as well as the thought processes in choosing a somewhat-closed version of WordPress.

Aaron Hockley is a photographer and writer with a background in technology.  He frequently writes about various topics around the intersection of the photography industry and tech industry.  Having founded WordCamp Portland, he’s also spoken at dozens of other blogging and online business events at the national, regional, and local level.


Supercharge Your WordPress Recap

Last night, Aaron Hockley (@ahockley) took the time to walk us through supercharging WordPress. We covered everything from picking out a web host to connecting with our readers to speeding up our workflow. Check out Aaron’s slides, or the notes below the break.

For a good example of these tips in action, check out Splat Photo, Aaron’s new site for all things photography (business, marketing, technology, social media).

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Change in Leadership

I started the Portland WordPress user group to provide a monthly forum for WordPress users in Portland, and the response has been amazing. Even though we’re only a couple months into existence, a lot of people have come together around WordPress.

Recently I’ve found my time and energies spread thin amongst various projects. In order to focus on a smaller set of projects (and let the remaining projects thrive with the attention they deserve), I’m stepping back from a few things. I’m pleased to announce that Kelly Guimont is assuming the leadership role for our group. Kelly assisted with WordCamp Portland and I look forward to seeing her develop pdxwp further. I’ve turned over information on all pending pdxwp issues to Kelly, please contact her with any questions.

I’ll continue to lead the organization of WordCamp Portland (and should have some announcements about that event within a few weeks).

I look forward to remaining involved with pdxwp while I focus more of my time on other efforts.

–Aaron B. Hockley