Help Save CubeSpace

Dear Portland WordPress-ers:

CubeSpace needs your help now. They’re in financial emergency due in part to the actions of their unfriendly landlord, US Bank, and must raise enough funds by Wednesday the 27th to avoid eviction.

Over the years, CubeSpace has become a cornerstone of our Portland technical community. Through their generous donations of time, space, services and resources, they’ve helped make the groups you belong and the events you go to possible. CubeSpace’s support of the WordPress community was key in making WordCamp Portland happen as well as the beginning of the WordPress User Group.

Please consider making a donation so CubeSpace can keep its doors open. Consider the various free or cheap events you might have attended at CubeSpace… consider how much those events were worth, and consider if you might be able to chip in some of that value at Eva and David’s time of need.

For details on the situation and how to donate, please see

Please spread word of this to others in our community.

Thank you.