April 15: Taxonomies Are a Wonderful Thing

At our April 15 meeting, Michael Fields will present “Taxonomies Are a Wonderful Thing.” He’ll tell us what taxonomies are, why we should use them, and how to set up and use your own custom taxonomies.

You want to know what a taxonomy is NOW? Well, they’re sort of like tags and sort of like categories. Custom taxonomies allow you to set up alternate ways of categorizing posts, photos, etc. I grabbed this use case scenario from Justin Tadlock:

Imagine you ran a website that reviewed books, movies, and music. When writing posts in WordPress, you want to label something as a book, yet you also want to further label it by genre or by author.

Yeah. The rest of that post kind of confuses me. So I’m looking forward to seeing MIchael’s talk and demonstration.

We’ll have time for networking, too. Come on down! We’ll be at Webtrends, 851 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 1600, 6:00 p.m. RSVP on Upcoming.

Update 4/11 – Mike adds: “Please bear in mind that there will be absolutely no code to learn. All
examples can be reproduced by a beginner with the aid of freely available,
open-source plugins.”