June 27: Image Copyright for Bloggers with Aaron Hockley

Are you wondering about how copyright affects your blog? How can you find images to use on your site while respecting the photographer’s copyright? Curious about how much trouble you could find yourself in if you use an image without permission?

Photographer and blogger Aaron Hockley will discuss Copyright for Bloggers at this month’s meeting. With many years of experience as both a photographer and a blogger, you’ll learn:

  • A quick overview of US copyright law
  • How copyright affects the use of images and other media on a blog
  • What could happen if one uses an image without proper licensing
  • Options for finding free and low-cost images for use on a blog
  • What can one do if they find someone else is using their content
    without permission?

The presentation will likely run about 30 minutes with time for questions and answers as well.

Aaron Hockley is a Vancouver, Washington photographer and blogger who spends a lot of time thinking and writing about the intersection of those two activities. He has presented at BlogWorld & New Media Expo, several WordCamps, and other user groups and panels throughout the Northwest.

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Note: Aaron’s not a lawyer, and this session is not intended as legal advice.

7 thoughts on “June 27: Image Copyright for Bloggers with Aaron Hockley

  1. Hi – I will not be able to be there for the meeting this evening. But PCC CLIMB is offering a few Summer Classes that I thought people may be interested in. Let me know if you have any questions about these or any other classes that CLIMB offers.

    Have a great meeting!

    John Buesseler

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    12-Jul-2011 thru 21-Jul-2011
    Instructor: Michael C Botsko

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    09-Jul-2011 thru 16-Jul-2011
    Instructor: John Ellis

  2. If you missed the session, Aaron graciously allowed me to record the meeting, provided that I made it available to the group.

    I have posted the opening 10 minute Portland WorCamp update at
    (just right click and save on the opening link on the page

    and then the rest of the hour and a half segment on copyright, images and blogging can be found at

    Hope the recordings prove useful to anyone who missed the meeting.


    1. Thanks so much for making these available. I missed it and was so delighted to know I didn’t miss anything – LOL! No, that with these I wouldn’t miss a second. Thanks!

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