How to Optimize Your WordPress Site for Content Marketing Conversions

One of the biggest marketing topics of the past year has been content marketing. Regardless of how you feel about the concept, it’s no secret that customers – and search engines – love a website with fresh, engaging content. But how to you keep your site frequently updated without overwhelming customers, not to overlook that you need fresh sales coming in too!

In this session, we’ll focus on covering the basic foundations for website optimization when it comes to a marketing perspective. We’ll talk about the customer lifecyle and share important questions you should answer to better understand your own customers and clients. We’ll close with recommendations on plugins and resources to help you take action and work on improving your website.

Author Bio

Andy is the founder of Plum Deluxe Productions, a Portland-based content marketing agency for lifestyle brands. They publish the Plum Deluxe online lifestyle magazine, a WordPress-based site featuring content and commerce in a variety of topic areas, from food to wine to travel and home.

Andy Hayes has been tinkering and tweaking websites for over 15 years. He started out working at a large software company where he was given the inside scoop of how websites are built from the ground up. He moved on to work in a $1 million website testing lab (because, believe it or not, testing and optimizing websites really used to cost that much!).

Andy Hayes

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