Slides: Organizing Your WordPress Site

Slides are here from the June 23, 2014 presentation.

WordPress Pages, posts, categories, and tags often feel like lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Where do you put what in a WordPress site? This is the challenge faced by web designers and developers since the beginning of the web. When is content appropriate for a post or Page? How do you handle the user experience to minimize clicks, meet web standards, and structure a site for the most efficient use of navigation and information?

Lorelle VanFossen will take you on a journey through the creation of a WordPress site from concept to build, answering the key questions about where to put what where. All your questions about WordPress Pages, posts, categories, tags, and content organization will be answered in this highly interactive evening workshop. Whether you are new to WordPress or an experienced user, this workshop will test your understanding of basic content structure and organization in WordPress.

Lorelle VanFossen is a keynote, trainer, writer, and consultant on web writing, web design, and blogging, especially working with WordPress. Called a blog evangelist, on Lorelle on WordPress she writes about everything WordPress, blogging, and social media, covering more than you may want to know about how all this blogging business and social stuff works.