Notes: What is Jetpack All About?

Thank you Steve for sharing your notes on this Meetup from earlier in March presented by Jen Mylo:

  • Widgets are typically used to display the same content in the sidebar of every page, however there is a way to get per-page widgets instead, making your pages much more customized. There’s an amazing collection of features inside of the JetPackplugin like per-page widgets, and we’ll be hearing about some of these in our next User meeting.

    Jen Mylo is our presenter, and she tarted blogging in the last millennium, and has been with Automattic since 2008, where she served as a user experience lead and community organizer for the WordPress open source project prior to co-founding the Press Publish event series. She’s lived all over the country, and has traveled the world meeting WordPress users at WordCamps and other conferences. Other areas of interest and inquiry include cooking and baking, acupuncture and other healing modalities, books of all sorts, friendly cats, and native plants. Now making her home in Portland, OR, Jen can be found online at

jen mylo
jen basically answering questions about jetpack modules
manage – for wp multi-site. looking to future when it will be a “one-buttton & done” feature, still not all there, but still better to manage wp multi-site.
tiled galleries — old galleries looked very bad, only workaround was to have a single column of vertical pics. now, tiled galleries in wp jetpack, see selection of photos uploaded, select some, click in upper left column “create gallery,” answer questions, like type of displayyou want (“tiled mosaic,” etc.), and comes out looking great. sees if they are portrait or landscape and which you choose in order and tiles them accordingly. first chosen is always key/biggest. can be on posts or pages. also has a checkbox for random order every time someone refreshes site.
pages are the same editor as posts for blog, pages just take that content out of blog chronological flow.
slide show in tiled gallery same as gallery carousel, but embedded.
jen recommends everyone getting gravity forms as being the best for forms in wp. will also run akismet on each form so you don’t get spam input on your forms.
no captchas based on the fact that matt hates captchas (with the fire of 1000 white hot suns) (and matt reads EVERYTHING on the internet — per jen mylo).
publicize, sends posts to social media, twitter, g+, facebook, instgram, tumblr, etc.
follow – for easy e-mail or mobile wp app following of a blog
stats – shows page views, etc.
custom content types in jetpack – for portfolios only, pretty much same (and coing is similar) as custom post types, only more limited. wp tv is all custom post types for vidoe posts, as an example.
photon – image cdn free to all jetpack users, takes load off your servers.
custom css, jen doesn’t like, because it doesn’t show your default css. will work child themes and multi-site now.
markdown — allows you to write posts in md. like anyone really wants to do that.
spelling + grammar — jen likes it a lot, very smart in what it does.
likes – like fb, for people too lazy to actualky comment.
security features — single sign on, manage, monitor up time, performance, related posts with elasticsearch