[Online] What’s Your Favorite? Show and Tell Your Favorite Plugins and Themes

Date: Monday – January 10, 2022
Time: 6 PM – 8 PM

Back again by popular demand, the Favorite Plugins and Themes MeetUp gives us all a chance to share our knowledge and experience while learning something new about WordPress.

Mary Ann Aschenbrenner from Waterlink Web will organize this group presentation. If you have a plugin or two or a favorite theme that works for you, please email Mary Ann at connect@waterlinkweb.com with the relevant information. She wants to make sure there are no duplicates before the MeetUp begins.

To keep things running smoothly, each person presenting will know the order of their presentation in advance. Mary Ann will share the Zoom host with the next speaker who can then share his or her screen while making a 5, 10, or 15-minute presentation. No need to create slides for this. Just share your screen and show how the plugin works from the WordPress website itself. To keep things easy while sharing Zoom hosting, this presentation will NOT be recorded. So, you must be present to participate. Each person’s plugin or theme presentation will be followed by a Q and A.

Again, let Mary Ann know you want to participate with an email to connect@waterlinkweb.com.


Please RSVP on Meetup so we know how many people to expect. We hope to see you there!

Note: This will not be at our usual location, it will be an online event using Zoom. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for free at https://zoom.us.

You can download the desktop software, use a browser extension, or download the mobile app. If you haven’t used Zoom before, please get set up and familiar with it in advance. We recommend you upgrade to the latest version. If you’re using the desktop software, you may need to check for upgrades manually.

For added security, the Zoom link will not be public. You must RSVP to see it.

Along the bottom of the Zoom window, there are buttons to mute/unmute yourself, enable/disable your video, and access the Participants, Chat, and Reactions panels.

For security and to prevent interruptions, everyone else will be prevented from screen sharing during the meetup. Your audio and video should be off by default when you join the call, but you may want to double-check when you join. You can unmute yourself and turn on your video, but please note that you may be included in the recording. If you unmute yourself, please only do so temporarily, while you’re asking your question. This helps reduce background noise in the recording.

If you have a question, please click the button to “raise your hand”. Depending on your version of Zoom, this will be located in either the Reactions panel or the Participants panel. Our presenter will take breaks to answer questions, and our moderator will call on whoever has their hand raised. You can unmute yourself while you ask your question, and then mute yourself and lower your hand after you’re done.

You can use the Chat panel to introduce yourself and converse with others, but if you have a question for the presenter, remember to “raise your hand”. We won’t be monitoring the chat as frequently, so questions there may be overlooked.

We’ll record the presentation and link to the video in the comments once it’s been processed.

If time permits, we’ll open up the conversation after the presentation. We encourage people to converse in our Portland Slack group for general WordPress discussion at any time. You can join here.