WordPress Tips And Tricks on April 16th

When you first started with WordPress, did you learn something that made your life a lot easier? Have you discovered a quicker way to make something happen? Wrangle your best tips and tricks together for the April WordPress User Group Meeting, 6:00-7:30pm on April 16th at Cubespace.

Group Founder Aaron Hockley will be kicking things off with a short list of things that can make your WordPress life generally more efficient and enjoyable, and from there we will be opening it up for discussion with everyone.

So please come by, meet some other WordPress fans, and bring your favorite workarounds and shortcuts. If you can’t make the meeting (or yours are just too good to wait), feel free to post them in the comments and we’ll be sure to bring them up during the meeting.

2 thoughts on “WordPress Tips And Tricks on April 16th

  1. does the user group have a google group as well? I need help with some customization and can’t wait for the next meeting – thanks!!

  2. Laura – We did have a google group which promptly got overrun with spam. I’m looking at resuscitating it & will share news shortly. In the meantime – feel free to email me & I’ll see who I can connect you to…

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