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  • Daniel Bachhuber 5:09 am on July 9, 2013 Permalink
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    Two Meetups for July: XML-RPC and RESTful APIs and Expert Q&A 

    We have two awesome meetups scheduled for July.

    But first, an important announcement! We’re running a member survey and want to hear your voice.

    It’s short and sweet, and will help us as we plan for the upcoming year. Take the member survey.

    And now, back to our regularly scheduled content…

    Developer: XML-RPC and RESTful APIs – Breaking Down the WordPress Silo

    Date & Time: Monday, July 15th at 6:30 pm

    Is your WordPress site a data vacuum–information going in but never coming back out?

    For our next developer meetup, Max Cutler will teach you how to use XML-RPC and RESTful APIs to integrate WordPress with other systems: mobile clients, backups, site-to-site replication, CMS interoperability, back-office integration, and more.

    With WordPress’ increasing use as an app platform, it’s more important than ever for developers to be familiar with the APIs that it offers to deal with these exciting new opportunities.

    Note: Due to limited space, we’re capping signups to 70. If you RSVP and realize later you can’t make the meetup, please change your status so someone else can attend.

    User: Expert Q&A

    Date & Time: Monday, July 29th at 6:30 pm

    WordPress is great for making it easy to publish your work. But sometimes, you have a question that, once answered, will make your life that much easier.

    Join us this month as we have an Experts Q&A session. Submit your questions ahead of time and we will have a panel of experts ready to help you find the answers you need. This will be a session you don’t want to miss.

    Note: Due to limited space, we’re capping signups to 70. If you RSVP and realize later you can’t make the meetup, please change your status so someone else can attend.

    Hope to see you there!

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    Two Meetups for June: WordPress Loves Backbone JS and Plugin Ignite Talks 

    We have two awesome meetups scheduled for June.

    Developer: WordPress Loves Backbone JS

    Date & Time: Monday, June 10th at 6:30 pm

    WordPress 3.5 is the first version of WordPress to include Backbone.js – a powerful and popular Javascript framework for taming your Javascript. With Backbone.js, your data can be encapsulated into models and collections that are then exposed to the DOM through views – views which automatically update as your data changes – with out-of-the-box integration to RESTful APIs and more.

    We’re excited to have Allen Snook and Beau Lebens, from Automattic’s Team Social, tell us about some of their recent work with Backbone. They’ll also walk us through an example plugin that you can use as a springboard for developing your own Backbone.js savvy extensions to WordPress.

    Note: Due to limited space, we’re capping signups to 70. If you RSVP and realize later you can’t make the meetup, please change your status so someone else can attend.

    User: Plugin Ignite Talks

    Date & Time: Monday, June 24th at 6:30 pm

    For the next PDXWP user meetup, we want to showcase the plugins which make WordPress as awesome as it is.

    Know a plugin you just can’t live without? Want to practice your public speaking skills in front of a lively and welcoming audience? We welcome you to apply by June 10th.

    Love discovering new plugins? Join us! We’ll follow the Ignite format for the evening — 10 lucky PDXWP members selected by Daniel Payne and Kory McDow will show off their favorite plugin in 5 minutes and 20 slides a piece.

    Hope to see you there!

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    What’s Coming in WordPress 3.6 Recap 

    Last week, Michael Fields, a Theme Wrangler for Automattic, walked about 50 of us through what’s coming in WordPress 3.6:

    Your quick summary of what should be coming:

    • Post formats are front and center of the publishing experience, and you’ll have a new theme to test them out.
    • A login modal window appears if your login session expires while you’re composing a post.
    • WordPress pays better attention to who is editing what post, indicates such in the admin, and lets you “take over” editing of the post.
    • The Revisions UI received a complete overhaul. It’s now much easier to find content saved in a previous version.
    • Easier, more intuitive menu management.
    • Extended support for embedding rich media from services like Rdio and Spotify.
    • … along with dozens, if not hundreds, of bug fixes, performance improvements, and general enhancements.

    WordPress 3.6 was originally scheduled to be released right around this time. As always in shipping software, it’s taking a bit more effort than expected. We hope to see it out the door in the very near future!

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    Two Meetups for May: Code Review Takes Two and WordPress’ 10th Anniversary Party 

    This coming month we have two great meetups scheduled.

    Developer: Code Review Takes Two

    Date & Time: Monday, May 13th at 6:30 pm

    Ever wanted to become a better developer? One sure way: have your code reviewed. Code review can offer valuable perspective on how to write concisely, solve challenging problems, or make your architecture abstracted.

    For this Developer meetup, Mike Bijon and Jeremy Ross will step up to show us how code review should be done. In addition to what you should look for as a reviewer, they’ll cover ways a review can be conducted and how feedback should be communicated.

    Note: Due to limited space, we’re capping signups to 75. If you RSVP and realize later you can’t make the meetup, please change your status so someone else can attend.

    WordPress’ 10th Anniversary Party

    Date, Time & Location: Monday (Memorial Day), May 27th at 7 pm at The Green Dragon

    WordPress is turning 10, and you’re invited! To celebrate the occasion, the WordPress Foundation is coordinating a global party on Monday, May 27th.

    We’ll be kicking it Portland-style at the Green Dragon, 9th and Yamhill in SE. Come stop by at 7 pm or afterwards to regale WordPress times of yore. There’s no set agenda but, if we can get 50 people RSVP’d on the Meetup Everywhere page, we’ll have special 10th anniversary swag to hand out.

    Hope to see you there!

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    Unit Testing Hack Day Recap 

    Yesterday, even though it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, 15 of us gathered to level up our Unit Testing skills at the first PDXWP Hack Day.

    After a couple of hours getting learned, we managed to ship:

    To kick the day off, special guest Max Cutler introduced us to the many variants of unit testing. Check out his Speakerdeck for the full presentation.

    Max emphasized writing unit tests to:

    • Verify your functionality. Does the code do what you want it to do?
    • Validate technical design. Code that’s easier to test is generally better code. Plus, tests document what you’re intending to do.
    • Protect against bugs. If you find a bug, both fix the bug and write tests to protect against the bug in the future.
    • Refactor with confidence. Core takes backwards compat seriously, so having unit tests to describe coverage makes it easier to change code.

    Unit testing specifically tests individual methods and functions to confirm input equals expected output. Integration testing looks at the code from the users’ perspective — everything works as expected. In core’s test suite, most tests are integration tests.

    Max walked us through how WordPress core uses PHPUnit for testing, with lots of concrete examples. Thanks to good work by Jeremy and Zack, most of us had the test suite up and running via Vagrant. Here’s one great reason to help increase core’s test coverage:

    Mike Bijon then talked through including tests with your plugin. It can be difficult to know where to get started when you’re looking at a blank slate. 100% coverage is much more easily attainable when you’ve been writing tests from the beginning, or practicing test-driven development.

    It can be much easier incorporating tests into your plugin by breaking it down:

    • WordPress doesn’t WOSD.
    • Your code loads.
    • Each method has a test.
    • Code coverage reports.

    Fortunately, there’s a couple of easy ways to get started. wp-cli takes care of the busy work with a wp scaffold plugin-tests <plugin-name> command. This will add all of the necessary code to your plugin to start writing PHPUnit tests. It also includes a travis.yml file — all you need for basic Travis CI.

    Thanks again to our speakers, and everyone who took time out of their Saturday afternoon to raise the knowledge.

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    The Power of WordPress’ Roles and Capabilities Recap 

    Monday night brought Erick Hitter, Team Custom Lead at Automattic, to speak to just under 40 people in developer meetup about the Power of WordPress’ Roles and Capabilities. His presentation took two parts, which Erick has also conveniently posted for your reviewing pleasure:

    Special thanks to Luke Woodward for recording, processing, and posting the video.

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    Three Meetups for April: Roles and Capabilities, Unit Testing and What’s Coming in WordPress 3.6 

    This coming month we have two three great meetups scheduled.

    The Power of WordPress’ Roles and Capabilities

    Date & Time: Monday, April 15th at 6:30 pm

    WordPress’ roles seem simple enough on the surface, but behind the Administrator, Editor, and the other default roles is a powerful system that can be customized extensively. For April’s PDXWP Developer’s meetup, Erick Hitter, Lead of Team Custom at Automattic, is joining us to talk about WordPress roles and capabilities.

    While some have said that other CMS’ have an advantage when it comes to security and customizing capabilities, Erick will demonstrate that that isn’t true. Starting with a walkthrough of how to modify existing roles and create new ones, he will then cover how to leverage custom roles in WordPress code. Finally, he will wrap up with a discussion of some powerful filters that will prove WordPress has a roles and capabilities system that is as flexible as the popular competitors often touted as having superior implementations.

    Hack With Me: Unit and Behavioral Tests

    Date & Time: Saturday, April 27th from 1 to 5 pm

    Who’s up for spending an afternoon learning more about unit and behavioral tests, and writing some for core or their favorite plugin? We are!

    Mike Bijon and Max Cutler will kick off the afternoon introducing unit tests, why they’re valuable, and how to write them. We’ll then spend a few hours writing our own, either for core or a plugin we admire. Our goal is for everyone attending to successfully finish at least one unit test.

    A week or so prior to the 27th, Zack will post notes on how you’ll need to preconfigure your development environment with PHPUnit, etc.

    What’s Coming in WordPress 3.6

    Date & Time: Monday, April 29th at 6:30 pm

    Version 3.6 of WordPress is slated for release on April 29th, 2013.

    What changes have been made? What great new features are included? How will my site be affected? These are great questions! We will answer all of these and more in this month’s user meetup.

    Michael Fields will walk us through some of the new features:

    1. New bundled theme Twenty Thirteen.
    2. A complete rewrite of the post format interface.
    3. Enhancements to the Custom Menu interface.

    If you’ve got a fever and the only cure is WordPress this is a presentation you will not want to miss.

    RSVP for all of these our Meetup page. Hope to see you there!

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    New Location Starting Today: Pine Room at the Lincoln Building 

    Breaking news! Starting with today’s user meetup, we have a new location: the Pine Room at the Lincoln Building.

    Fortunately, it’s literally across the street from the Bancorp Tower. You’ll want to enter on 5th street through the door next to the USPS office (206 SW 5th Avenue).

    Be sure to tell your friends. We’ll have someone posted at the Bancorp Tower for those who miss the announcement.

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    Find a Local WordPress Developer with our new Directory! 

    Looking for help with a site launch or redesign? Maybe you want a custom plugin built? Look no further — we now have a directory for you!

    Our directory has some of Portland’s best WordPress developers, designers, trainers, and consultants. We want to make it easier for you to work with Portland-area WordPress experts and would love to hear if you sign someone up.

    Developers and designers: don’t see your name on the list? Get in touch — we’ll be happy to help promote your business.

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    Two Meetups for January: Master the Rewrite API and an Intro to HTML & CSS 

    This coming month we have two great meetups scheduled. The first will be geared towards developers, and the second will be more for everyone. The formats will be pretty similar — presentations for the first half with mingling and general collaboration following after. Both will be held in the swanky Bancorp Tower conference room.

    Oh, and did I mention? We’re looking for food and drink sponsors. If you or your company would like help foster the community in a low-cost, high-value way, we’d love to hear from you.

    Master the Rewrite API

    Date & Time: Monday, January 14th at 6:30 pm

    You think you know the Rewrite API? Think again!

    Rewrite rules turn request URIs (e.g. /2012/10/13/i-ate-an-apple/) into query arguments (e.g. year=2012&monthnum=10&day=13&name=i-ate-an-apple&page=) that WordPress can understand. The Rewrite API is close to, but not exactly, like turning lead into gold. And almost as powerful.

    In this meetup, Daniel Bachhuber will take us through the ins and outs of the Rewrite API, as well as some common use-cases / pitfalls.

    You Want Me to Design What? My Word!

    Date & Time: Monday, January 29th at 6:30 pm

    Odds are, if you’re using WordPress, then you could benefit from knowing some HTML & CSS.

    Wait, what’s HTML & CSS? Come to this meetup to find out!

    Kory McDow, web designer at Certified Square, will take us through introductory HTML and CSS so you can modify the feel of your WordPress theme with ease. We’ll cover topics from adding links and inserting images to changing the font size and background images. We’ll also sprinkle in some tips, tricks, and resources so you can easily change the design of your own WordPress-driven websites. Instead of saying, “My Word!”, you’ll leave saying, “My WordPress!”

    RSVP for either or both on our Meetup page. Hope to see you there!

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