Two Meetups for January: Master the Rewrite API and an Intro to HTML & CSS

This coming month we have two great meetups scheduled. The first will be geared towards developers, and the second will be more for everyone. The formats will be pretty similar — presentations for the first half with mingling and general collaboration following after. Both will be held in the swanky Bancorp Tower conference room.

Oh, and did I mention? We’re looking for food and drink sponsors. If you or your company would like help foster the community in a low-cost, high-value way, we’d love to hear from you.

Master the Rewrite API

Date & Time: Monday, January 14th at 6:30 pm

You think you know the Rewrite API? Think again!

Rewrite rules turn request URIs (e.g. /2012/10/13/i-ate-an-apple/) into query arguments (e.g. year=2012&monthnum=10&day=13&name=i-ate-an-apple&page=) that WordPress can understand. The Rewrite API is close to, but not exactly, like turning lead into gold. And almost as powerful.

In this meetup, Daniel Bachhuber will take us through the ins and outs of the Rewrite API, as well as some common use-cases / pitfalls.

You Want Me to Design What? My Word!

Date & Time: Monday, January 29th at 6:30 pm

Odds are, if you’re using WordPress, then you could benefit from knowing some HTML & CSS.

Wait, what’s HTML & CSS? Come to this meetup to find out!

Kory McDow, web designer at Certified Square, will take us through introductory HTML and CSS so you can modify the feel of your WordPress theme with ease. We’ll cover topics from adding links and inserting images to changing the font size and background images. We’ll also sprinkle in some tips, tricks, and resources so you can easily change the design of your own WordPress-driven websites. Instead of saying, “My Word!”, you’ll leave saying, “My WordPress!”

RSVP for either or both on our Meetup page. Hope to see you there!