January 21: Aaron Hockley On How To Launch a Blog

UPDATE: If you missed the meeting, or if you’d like to review an outline of Aaron’s talk, you can find it at Another Blogger. Thank you, Aaron!

Actually, the name of Aaron’s talk is “After Launching a Couple Dozen Blogs, I Figured Out how to Do it Right.” Aaron presented this talk at WordCamp Seattle, and has done several blog posts around this theme as well. Aaron is experienced at starting new WordPress blogs, including his highly successful SocialPhotoTalk site. Even if you’re an experienced blogger, if you’re thinking about starting another blog (and who isn’t?), Aaron Hockley has great information for you.

We’ll also have time for networking and socializing. If you’ve got questions about WordPress 2.9 (actually, we’re already up to 2.9.1), someone might be able to help you!

As usual, we’ll be at Webtrends, 851 SW 6th Avenue on the 16th floor. We usually get into Webtrends right around 6:00, but if you come later than that, just let the security guard know that you’re coming to the WordPress meeting and he’ll punch in the elevator code for you.

Hope to see you there! Please let us know on Upcoming if you’ll be attending.