PDXWP Site Backed by Network Redux!

I used the Network Redux-hosted gathering at Beer & Blog a few months ago to secure a free lifetime account for the Portland WordPress user group so I could move it off of my own paid hosting plan. While it took me a while to get the site actually migrated, we’ve been running smoothly here for a month or so now.

When I made the announcement here, I threw in an offhand reference to the upcoming domain registration costs for the site as well, hoping to get some kind soul(s) to kick in for renewal costs. Frankly, I figured I’d just hit up the user group attendees in January, collect a few bucks, & call it good.

Not so — instead, I received an unsolicited email a week or so ago from Network Redux’s CEO Thomas Brenneke in response to this earlier post: “We’d like to take care of your domain registrations for the two years. Can you tell me what domains you need registered/renewed and my team will get you squared away?” And they did.

So, to Thomas, Damien & the rest of the Network Redux team — thank you on behalf of the whole PDXWP user group!

(I can also unequivocably recommend Network Redux, as they’re now providing the hosting for OurPDX & a few other sites I manage. Yes, I’m now a paying customer of theirs & very happy with both the service & support.)

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