Hood River WordPress Meetup

We’ll be having our regular Portland meeting on August 19, but meanwhile, I wanted to let you know that Callie Carroll is hosting an informal WordPress meetup/unconference in Hood River this Sunday, August 1! Here’s the information from her email to our Google Group (I didn’t post her phone #/email, but you can contact her via Twitter or leave a comment here):

For anyone interested in a short jaunt away from Portland this
weekend, I am hosting a last-minute WordPress unconference/meeting/
camp/chat, at 2pm on Sunday, at this location:

Ground Coffee
12 Oak Street
Hood River, OR

Hood River is family-friendly, and full of shopping and restaurants,
so bring your non-WP-loving family and set them loose. Street parking
is free on the weekends.

Wifi is available, and coffee, beer, and sandwiches are sold on the
premises at Ground. The shop can be very busy, so we will move to the
semi-private office at the end of the hall if that’s more appropriate,
and a sign will be posted to direct you. I don’t have a projector, but
bring your laptop and a VNC client!

RSVP to me privately via email, phone, SMS, or Tweet (@cusability), so
I can get an idea of the size of the group, and plan on having enough
chairs and tables.


// Callie B. Carroll, MS-HCI //
// User Experience Design //
// http://www.cUsability.com //