September 26 — NEW LOCATION

The agenda is TBA, but please note our NEW LOCATION at the U.S. Bancorp Tower, 111 SW 5th Avenue (Big Pink). The conference rooms are on the ground floor, northeast side of the building, right before the elevator bank for floors 1-17. We’ll still start at 6:00 and end at 7:30.

12 thoughts on “September 26 — NEW LOCATION

  1. Hi Kathleen – I plan to be there and I wanted to let everyone know that PCC is offering another beginning WordPress class:

    Simple DIY Websites w/ WordPress
    Learn WordPress to quickly and easily build a professional website for yourself, no prior experience necessary! Start with WP’s famous 5 minute installation, then learn to set up, customize and administer a blog or website for your small business or for your personal use. Helpful experience: Comfortable with computer office applications and the internet.

    CRN: 47502
    Location: Central Portland – CLIMB / CLIMB room 206
    Time: 06:30 PM-08:30 PM MW
    Dates: 03-Oct-2011 thru 12-Oct-2011
    Instructor: John Ellis
    Cost: $155.00

    1. John, Where do I find more information about the WordPress class? I’d like to sign up. Thanks,

      Tom (

  2. I am hoping to talk to people about Buddypress. I am planning a site and would welcome some input on the best way to structure what I have in mind.

  3. Enjoyed this meeting, a lot of good info in developer portion I attended. As a possible topic(s) for the next meeting or couple of meetings is Custom Post Types, Custom Write Panels and certain plugins that help with these tasks such As WP Easy Post Type and Magicfields.

    Thanks again the great meeting…..

  4. A lot of people are now getting into online businesses and online marketing either to supplement their “real world” income

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