August 22 Re-Cap

Thank you to all who attended the August meeting!

For more information about WordCamp Portland (and tickets), visit They’re especially looking for volunteers and sponsors right now. You can also follow WordCamp Portland on Twitter.

Thank you to Benjamin Kerensa for talking with us about O’Reilly Media’s user group program and Ubuntu Oregon (we also have video of this portion of the meeting). I’ve submitted a group application for the user group program, and will hopefully have more to share by the next meeting.

We’re currently looking for speakers and meeting topics for upcoming meetings. If you have ideas or leads, you can either leave them in the comments here or on the discussion board.

Thank you, and Happy WordPressing!


4 thoughts on “August 22 Re-Cap

  1. I still feel like I’m new at WordPress and would like to have a discussion about best WordPress practices, both designers and developers. Those insights that keep you from wanting to drive over your keyboard and then back-up to smash it again.

  2. Kathleen, you are a rock star for all the hard work you’ve done in helping to get this group rockin’ and rollin’. Thank you so much for everything you do for us.

    Another link to add to resources is the much requested article on WordPress Tips: Exploring the WordPress Text Widget. It was requested at the previous meeting as well as this one and I just made time to finish it. Thanks to everyone for the inspiration and kick in the butt to get it done.

  3. Hi, I’m a local website designer/developer who has been working primarily with WordPress over the last few years. I am interested in teaching some courses about best WordPress practices, customizing a WP site, use of plugins, etc… for the non-techie WP user. I stumbled across this site while doing some research and thought someone on here might have some feedback for me.

    Thanks 🙂

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