July 2012 Meetup Recap

First off, a big thanks to Melissa Lion for taking time out of her schedule to speak with us. It was great to mix up the topics a bit — I think the non-developer WordPress users got a lot of value out of working with a professional writer. We had 38 people show up to my count.

Melissa has passed along her slides for future reference:

She also highly, highly recommended Colson Whitehead’s ‘How to Write’, which I’m looking forward to checking out.

A reminder there won’t be a meetup in the month of August. Instead, we’d highly recommend you attend WordCamp Portland on Saturday the 18th and, shameless plugin, sign up to volunteer. It’s cheap, the speaker lineup is bar none, and the lunch will be delicious.

Lastly, if you have any speaker or topic requests for upcoming meetups, we’d love to hear them! Feel free to email me or post in the comments.

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