New meetup: Byte-size Workshops

Teaching is the best way to develop mastery, as they say. For this coming month’s meetup on September 24th, we want to give you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and hone your teaching skills.

Behold: Byte-size Workshops. We’d like to see 45 minute workshops ranging everywhere from how to configure WordPress multisite, to the basics of typography, to why you should care about SEO (or the opposite). The best workshops will be concise, focus on one key idea, and offer people an exercise to practice their new-found knowledge. We’d also like to cover a variety of skill levels.

Want to lead a workshop? Please fill out the quick survey below. We’ll announce which were selected a week prior. You can now RSVP for the evening on the Meetup website.

Oh, one more thing: if there’s a topic you’d like to learn about, post about it in the comments. There might just be someone willing to share their knowledge…

2 thoughts on “New meetup: Byte-size Workshops

  1. Hi Daniel,
    Is there any way you could ever have a Newbie Workshop? I was all set with classes at the SBDC in Clackamas when the instructor had to cancel. I need the basics so I can stop paying someone else to do the daily upkeep for me.
    Thank you! Donna

    1. Donna,

      I agree completely.

      Clark College in Vancouver offers a four credit WordPress introductory program, and their continuing ed department just signed on to present a course in October. Contact them or myself for more information on these.

      Let me know how I can help.

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